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Thodari Tamil Movie Review

Thodari Tamil Movie Review

No Shubh Yatra


Poochiappan (Dhanush) is a pantry worker in the Delhi-Chennai express. He works under the team led by Chandrakanth (Thambi Ramaiah). It’s love for Poochi when he meets Saroja (Keerthy Suresh), an assistant to an actress, who travels in the same train.

The train, no prizes for guessing, has a motley bunch of passengers of various characteristics, including a central minister (Radha Ravi) and his NSG commando (Harish Uthaman) who has temper issues.

Even as the train is moving fast, its driver dies of cardiac arrest. The express develops technical snag too and it becomes unstoppable. Now Poochi has the multiple tasks of saving the train, its passengers and his love.


After narrating a love story in the backdrop of tsunami in his last outing Kayal, director Prabhu Solomon tells one now in the backdrop of a moving train which is in trouble.

The filmaker is apparently in a confusion, as to whether to take the story in a serious way or comical manner. As a result, he loses balance, thus making the ‘train journey’ tedious.

The first half wanders and the story starts only in the interval block. Also, there are nearly two dozens supporting actors, leaving the audience in confusion.

Dhanush fits the bill well as pantry worker. He simply shines in comical and serious scenes. Keerthy Suresh emotes well, while the likes of Thambi Ramaiah, Radharavi, Darbuga Siva and Harish Uthaman among others add value.

Songs by D Imman are good, while his background score is average. The biggest winner in this flick is Vetrivel Mahendran, who has done a very good job with his camera.  For others, it is like travelling in passenger train.

Rating: Average

Director: Prabhu Solomon
Music: D. Imman
Cast: Dhanush, Keerthy Suresh, Karunakaran, Radha Ravi, Thambi Ramaiah, Ganesh Venkatraman, R.V.Udayakumar
Pro: Nikhil Murugan