Tamil Movie Review

Thittam Irandu movie review

Aishwarya Rajesh is a cop who is transferred to Chennai.

She is impressed by a youngster on her journey to the city. Just when Aishwarya thought that everything was falling in place, things take a turn.

She comes to know that her childhood friend is dead. Though it is said to be an accident, Aishwarya thinks otherwise.

Aishwarya starts to investigate the case and comes to know about many dark secrets.


Aishwarya Rajesh has performed well as the tough cop. She carries the entire movie on her shoulder and has delivered one of her best performances.

Paval Navageenthan has an interesting role to play and does the job neatly. Director Vignesh Karthik has packed the movie with thriller elements and unexpected twists and turns.

The screenplay is also very crisp. A special mention for the movie’s editor C S Prem whose work is top notch.

Gokul Benoy’s camerawork keeps the mood of the movie intact. Satish Raghunathan’s music gels well with the movie.

Rating: 3.7/5