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Thiruttu Payale 2 – Review

Selvam (Bobby Simha) is a policeman. Though he starts his career as a honest cop, situations make him corrupt. His wife is Agalvilakku (Amala Paul), who is a homemaker.

Selvam, who works in the intelligence department, is asked by his boss to tap the phone calls of influential persons such as politicians and top officials.

However, he has other plans and starts making money by misusing his power. But the shock of his life awaits Selvam when he listens the phone conversations of his wife.

For Agalvilakku (Amala Paul) is in relationship with cyber criminal Balki (Prasanna), who is her Facebook friend turned close confidant. She is now in a trap.

The rest is all about how Selvam handles things and the cat and mouse game that happens between Selvam and Balki.


If Thiruttu Payale spoke about the illicit relationship between a rich woman and a man, and how a poor youngster gains out of it, Thiruttu Payale 2 throws light on the present day social media generation.

It explains in detail how technology has intruded into our lives, paving way for so many relationships and the subsequent problems.

Bobby Simha, though looks bloated, has delivered a solid performance. Prasanna, who is fit and fine, fits perfectly well to his role. Amala Paul is beautiful, hot and does a neat job.

Vidyasagar’s songs are average, while the film is technially rich. Kudos to director Susi Ganesan for his homework. But he could have avoided a clumsy climax and contrived ending.

Rating: 3 out of 5