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Theru Naaigal Tamil Movie Review

Theru Naigal Tamil Movie Review 2


A group of young men (Appukutty and others) work in a sweet shop run by a businessman (Imman Annachi) in Mannargudi.

Meanwhile, two rich men (Madhusudhanan and Sait) contest in MLA elections. The former gets money from foreign companies and helps them lay pipelines by encroaching farm lands.

In the meantime, Madhusudhanan develops enmity over Imman Annachi and as it intensifies, the former murders the latter. Irked by this, the four young men kidnap him to teach him a lesson. Are they able to achieve their mission?


The thriller runs for just 1 hour 42 minutes (which is a major solace) and the cast members include Prateek, Pavel Navageethan, Appukutty, Madhusudhanan, Mime Gopi, Akshatha, Mime Gopi and Imman Annachi.

Director S Hari Uthara has tried to convey a message in his debut movie itself and is partly successful in it. He misses out in narration and we are unable to keep track of scenes.

The cinematography, music, and other technical departments are okay for a film with limited budget. The director and the team should be lauded for delivering a much-needed message in a crisp movie.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5