Tamil Movie Review

The Sixth Land movie review

Ten years after the war in Srilanka, the government uses Eelam people to identify and diffuse the landmines that were planted during the war.

A woman leaves her daughter with her mother-in-law and goes for this job. She is also in search of her husband who surrenders during the war.

She approaches several organisations to know his whereabouts but all her efforts goes in vain.

What happens in her life and did she find her husband forms the rest of the story.

Director Anantha Ramanan has taken a different story of what happens in a battlefield after the war is over.

The pain, loss and the challanges that the people face after a war in conveyed through the movie.

Navayuga Kugarajah, Jeevesvaran Anbarasi, Manmathan Basky who play the lead characters in the movie have all delivered a realistic performance. Navayuga has carried the role of a suffering mother effectively.

Their acting is sure to get the audience emotional.

Siva Santhakumar’s camera has captured the pain of the people of the land.

Chinthaka Jayakodi’s music gels wellwith the movie and gives the much needed emotional connect.