Tamil Movie Review

Thavam Movie Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Thavam : Penance with a purpose

Thavam, starring Vasi and Pooja Sri in lead roles and politician, actor and director Seeman in a cameo, is yet another film which talks about the importance of agriculture.

Thavam is directed by the duo R Vijay Anand and AR Sooriyan and they have tried to present the serious issue with the right dose of cinematic ingredients.

Primarily a love tale between two childhood friends (Pooja Sri and Vasi), the story begins when the movie’s female lead narrates her love story to her fiancé.

What follows is a long flashback which has another flashback in it. Both the lead actors have performed well, while Seeman’s presence adds value to the film.

Thavam also stars Bose Venkat, Pandi, Singam Puli, and Archana Singh. The movie is set in the backdrop of Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu and cinematography has captured the rural area well.

The film is a mix of comedy, emotions, romance and action. But in some scenes, the narration doesn’t engage the viewers and the characters lack depth. Had the directors focused on this, Thavam would have ended up as a boon.