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Thappu Thanda Tamil Movie Review

Thappu Thanda Tamil Movie Review 1

Crime beat


Vetri (Sathyamurthi) comes to Chennai with the hope of landing in a job and earning money. But fate has it that he joins the team of Guru (John Vijay), a criminal.

Besides doing small time robberies in the area, Guru, a mentor to aspiring criminals, also provides training them to ‘excel’ in the trade.

Vetri is also the friend of Kaaliya (Athma), driver of former MLA Karna (Mime Gopi). When Guru finds out that Karna is transferring a huge amount to bribe voters, he befriends Kaaliya and plans to loot the money.

Miller, a cunning police officer, is also after the money and he conspires with Karna’s aide Thyagu (E Ramdas) to loot the Rs five crore cash of the politician.

Who among the two is able to complete their task successfully and what happens after that form the rest of the story.


Srikantan’s is another strong directorial debut in Kollywood, after those of Lokesh Kanagaraj (Maanagaram) and Nithilan Swaminathan (the much recent Kurangu Bommai).

He belongs to the young crop of filmmakers who believe that script is the real hero of any movie. Understanding this fully well, Srikantan has relied heavily on the script and his hopes and confidence have not let him down.

Sathyamurthi does justice to his role of the seemingly naive young man. For John Vijay, it should have been a cakewalk to do yet another role for which he is famous for.

Mime Gopi is good and the cast also has Shweta Gai, Ajay Ghosh, E Ramdas and Aathma, who have done their respective characters fairly well.

Nothing much can be said about the technical departments. Also, the screenplay could have been more gripping. But despite these too litle ‘thappus’, the film is a (jigar)thanda.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Pro: Suresh Chandra