Tamil Movie Review

Thappattam Tamil Movie Review

Dance by chance


Durai Sudhakar, along with his friends, is involved in performing ‘thappattam’ to earn his daily bread. His uncle is his everything and he spends all his time in a liquor shop.

Durai Sudhakar showers love on his sister and her daughter Dona Rosaria. In the village, the chieftain’s son always misbehaves with young women and fearing this, parents would arrange wedding for their daughters soon after they attained marriage age.

Once, the chieftain’s son tries to misbehave with Dona. On coming to know about this, her mother makes her enter wedlock with Durai Sudhakar.

When Durai Sudhakar’s uncle is out of town, the village head’s son pulls a fight with the former and says that he had physical relationship with Dona even before her marriage.

This creates a huge rift in the family and Dona’s mother dies out of frustration. As days pass, Durai Sudhakar’s uncle returns and he tries to unite his nephew with his wife.


Durai Sudhakar, who credits himself as ‘Public Star’, has delivered decent performance as a village folk artiste. Dona and others too have done well.

Palani Balu’s music, especially songs, are good, while Rajan’s cinematography is another highlight of the movie.

Director Mujibur Rahman has tried to convey a message on how husband and wife should lead a happy life by setting aside ego and other clashes. But he could have made it in a much more interesting manner.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Pro: Kumaresan