Tamil Movie Review

Thaen Movie Review


Thaen is the journey of a couple, played by Tharunkumar and Abarnathi, living in the hills of Tamilnadu.

Though they do not get the approval of their deity to get married, they go ahead with their plans.
Everything seems to be fine, until one day Abarnathi falls sick. She is admitted to a hospital and the hardships Tharun faces to get Abarnathi treated forms the rest of the story.


The entire cast has lived as the characters making the audience feel their pain and emotions.

Hero Tharun has performance is extra ordinary he moves the audience to tears in the second half.
Abarnathi scores in her character as well. Even the actors who come in small characters leave an impact among the audience.

Director Ganesh Vinayak has depicted the hardships faced by the people living in the hills of Tamil Nadu and how they are affected to the negligence of a few government officials.

This is a very hard-hitting movie. The director has taken up a hard story and has delivered it with an extraordinary screenplay.

DoP Sukumar has captured the beauty of the hills and the lives of the people living naturally. Editor Kishore’s cuts are crisp and neat. This is one movie to look out for this season.

Thaen: Mountain dew

Rating: 3.5 out of 5