Tamil Movie Review

Taana Movie Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Taana – Comedy cop


Sakthi (Vaibhav Reddy), a youngster, suffers from a rare disorder called puberphonia. His voice changes to that of a woman’s whenever he gets nervous.

He hails from a family of policemen and his father (Pandiarajan), who too is a cop, wants Sakthi to become one to uphold the family tradition.

However, Sakthi is reluctant to take up the job due to his voice condition. But, a situation, in which a woman loses her life because of a gang of fraudsters, changes his mind.

He takes up the job of a policeman with an aim to bring the gang to book. He also realises that a big shot is behind them. Is he able to achieve his mission or not forms the rest of Taana.


Vaibhav, whose character suffered from night blindness in his previous film Sixer, now plays a man with a voice disorder. He gets his act right and impresses us with his performance.

Nandita Swetha is regular heroine who makes the protagonist fall in love with her at the first sight itself. Veterans like Pandiarajan deliver goods, while Yogi Babu tickles the funny bone with his one-liners.

Director Yuvaraj Subramani has conceived a potential knot, but has filled the screenplay with cliches. Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar and editing by G K Prasanna too fail to add much value.

While the first half moves at a leisurely pace, things gain momentum in the second half. Had the director focused more on avoiding cliches, Tanna would have been a more amusing show.