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Spyder Tamil Movie Review

Spyder Tamil Movie Review

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Shiva (Mahesh Babu) is an officer in the surveillance wing of the Intelligence Bureau, and he is part of a team that taps phone calls.

While his job is to monitor calls and alert if there is something unusual, Shiva, the do-gooder that he is, takes up the responsibility of helping those in distress, as he doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy.

For instance, one day, he hears a teenage girl saying she is afraid of being alone. He immediately sends his constable friend to monitor her. But the next morning, both of them are found brutally murdered and their body parts chopped off.

Shiva is shocked to the core and investigations lead him to Sudalai (S J Suryah), a man who is nothing but an embodiment of evil. All that he wants is that people should suffer a lot as he enjoys their pain (and there is a flashback to ‘justify’ him).

Shiva is now on a mission to end the atrocities of Sudalai. But that is not so easy. As Sudalai wreaks one havoc after another, Shiva has a tough time. Is he able to achieve his target?


Spyder is sure a smart and suave debut for Mahesh Babu, the Tollywood top star, in Kollywood. In the company of director A R Murugadoss and with good dialogue delivery and performance, he wins our heart.

The film, on the whole, is a neat package. But scenes start to become far-fetched after the interval and the movie ends on an abrupt note, with a message that is forced on the audience.

Rakul Preet Singh’s (she is beautiful and the lip-sync is almost perfect) characterisation reminds us of the typical ‘loosu ponnu’ of Tamil cinema. And the scene stealer, no doubt, is S J Suryah, who has delivered a solid performance.

Harris Jayaraj has failed to deliver in songs, but his background score is of top-notch. Santhosh Shivan’s gripping visuals is anther highlight of the movie.

The movie is no doubt glossy, rich, gripping and entertaining. But Murugadoss could have certainly made it more interesting, as we know how ‘Thupakki’, ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Ramana’ were.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Pro: Suresh Chandra & Riaz K Ahamed