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Sketch Tamil Movie Review

Sketch Tamil Movie Review

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Jeeva alias Sketch (Vikram) works for local financier Sait (Harish Peradi). The former’s job is to seize vehicles from those who fail to repay the money they received as loan from the latter.

Sketch is known for planning and executing things well, a talent which fetches him the sobriquet. When things go cool for Sketch and his aides, Sait throws up a challenge before him one day.

Sait asks whether Sketch will be able to lift an old Fiat car from Kumar (Babu Raj), a gangster. For Kumar, the car is his prized possession as he maintains it well in memory of his father.

When Sketch decides to take away the car, the information reaches Kumar and he decides to eliminate Sketch. Badly hurt, Sketch bounces back to accomplish the task.

But shocks and twists await him, as he learns about the real faces and motives of people.


Sketch, directed by Vijay Chander of Vaalu fame, is a templated masala movie that has ample mass and commercial elements to appease the lovers of the genre.

After a gap, Vikram is back in a masala flick and has delivered goods despite being fully aware that he is part of a regular story. But his age don’t makes him look comfortable in love scenes.

Tamannah is regular heroine and adds homely feel to the movie. While R K Suresh has been utilised less, Babu Raj fits well to the bill. Thaman S S has attempted to strike a fine balance between peppy and melody numbers.

Sukumar, the cinematographer, has provided right visuals. Especially, the inteval and climax scenes speak loads about Sukumar and the stunt director.

To sum it up, Sketch is an average commercial entertainer and it’s Vikram show all the way. While we don’t find any wrong in the intentions of Vijay Chander, he could have focussed on some novelty.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Pro: Mounam Ravi