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Colour of Chaos

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A group of Lankan refugees, who try to flee to Australia through Tamil Nadu, meet Rajkiran, a mason and he takes pity on their plight. He asks them to work in his construction site.

He promises that they would be helped to reach safe destinations soon and hides them away from the eyes of police. Meanwhile, Naveen Chandra, a supervisor in the construction site, falls for a Lankan Tamil girl Rupa Manjeri.

The police was tipped off about the presence of refugees in construction site. As Naveen and Rupa are about to be separated, politician Selva who promises to get them married. But he reveals his true colours soon.


After a semi-serious venture in his debut flick Kazhugu and a light attempt in his second film Savale Samali, director Sathya Siva has tried his hands at a serious subject in Sivappu.

The movie speaks about the travails faced by Sri Lankan Tamils and how they stand without any support as they are cheated by almost everyone they trust. And it tries to find a solution too.

As Konar, Rajkiran has brought out well on screen a Tamil Nadu citizen who genuinely cares and worries for his brothers and sisters from the island nation.

Naveen Chandra is good at emotions, while Rupa Manjeri once again proves that she is an actress with substance. Selva and others are okay.

Dialogues are sharp and some of them even pierce our heart. But a preachy tone and documentary feel prevail in most scenes, as the director has missed out on the entertainment element.

All said, Sivappu is a honest attempt and it implicitly tries to drive home the point that cinema is a medium not just to entertain, but also to deliver strong messages.

Rating: Average

Director: Sathya Siva
Music: N.R.Rakunantan
Cast: Raj Kiran, Navinchandra, Rupa Manjari, Thambi Ramayya, Selva, Bose Venkat
Pro: Mounamravi