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Simba Movie Review

Every dog has its day


Mahesh (Bharath) leads a lonely life and gets addicted to drugs. One day, when he is under the influence of dope, his neighbour Madhu (Bhanu Sri Mehra) requests him to take care of her pet Great Dane.

Since Mahesh has taken the hit, the dog appears to him as a man (Premgi Maren). He starts interacting wth the Great Dane. He also falls in love with Madhu and seeks the help of the dog.

The rest of Simba, which is being claimed as Tamil cinema’s first stoner comedy, is all about whether the pet and Mahesh succeed or not in their attempts to make her love him.


Directed by Aravind Sridhar, Simba, right from the first scene, deviates from the regular stuff and tries to offer something different to the audience.

While it is welcome to certain extent, it gets ‘overdosed’ at one point of time. But still, Simba impresses us in parts.

Bharath has come up with a convincing performance as a dopehead who leads a lonely life. Premgi Amaran is the show-stealer with good timing and comic sense. Bhanu Mehra is good.

Technically, the film is sound and the visuals aptly show the mood and feelings of a stoner. Cinematography and editing, especially those involving PoV cuts, deserve a mention.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5