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Silence Movie Reivew


Sakshi (Anushka Shetty) is an artist who cannot speak and hear. Antony Gonsalves (Madhavan) is a popular cello player. Both are engaged and are about to enter wedlock soon.

Before their wedding, they visit a haunted place in Seattle for a piece of art. What follows is a series of crimes and Sakshi is witness to it.

Detectives of Seattle police department (Michael Madison and Anjali) take up the investigation. What is happening around Sakshi and Antony? Who are the real culprits?


Here comes yet another OTT release that is similar to trendsetters Ponmagal Vandhaal and Penguin in more than one way- female lead and suspense drama.

Anushka as a mute woman speaks more with their eyes and emotions, while Madhavan’s performance is as usual top class. Anjali has done a meaty role in an efficient manner.

Director Hemant Madhukar has taken up an interesting knot and the journey starts with a lot of promise. But before we could reach the destination, the ride becomes a bumpy one.

Production values are good and technical aspects add value to Silence. With all the potential to become an edge of the seat thriller, the movie ends up as a watchable fare.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Silence: Pin Drop