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Shivalinga Tamil Movie Review

Sivalinga - Tamil Movie Review

Thrills & Spills 

Shivalingeswaran (Raghava Lawrence) is a police officer, who is just married to Sathya (Ritika Singh). He is entrusted with the task of investigating the death of Raheem (Sakthi).

Though Raheem’s death is believed to be a suicide, it is actually a murder. When Shivalingeswaran’s investigation gains momentum, Sathya gets possessed.

And what more? Sathya has a link to Raheem’s death and Shivalingeswaran now has the twin responsibilities of solving the murdering mystery and saving his wife.


Director P Vasu’s Shivalinga is a faithful remake of its Kannada original of the same title (which too is by the same filmmaker).

The Chandramukhi maker has once again relied on the story of a spirit and lovers of the recent horror-thriller movies can enjoy it with a ‘spirit’ed heart.

For Raghava Lawrence, it should be a cakewalk to act in such movies (courtesy Muni, Kanchana, Kanchana-2) and he delivers strong performance. National award winning Ritika Singh scares us as a spirited woman. Vadivelu adds value, while Sakthi proves that he is a good actor.

Music by S S Thaman is loud and racy. Sarvesh Murari’s cinematography and Suresh Urs’ editing add pace to the proceedings.

The minor irritants like familiar story and cliched scenes apart, the film is high on entertaining quotient. And it will surely be enjoyed by those who like eerie-thrillers with comedy elements.

Rating: 3 out of 5