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Senjittale En Kadhala Tamil Movie Review

Senjittale En Kadhala Tamil Movie Review

Journey called love


Ezhil Durai is a carefree college student. He falls for his sister’s friend (Madhumila) and she too reciprocates. As Madhumila wins in the college election, she gets attracted to another man, leading to break-up in her affair with Ezhil.

Ezhil is heartbroken. The youngster, who depends on his father’s money, decided to come up in life. He starts a company, works hard and develops it.

Abinaya is a worker in the company and she is attracted towards Ezhil. When she proposes, Ezhil tells her about his past experience in love (with Madhumila).

In the meanwhile, Madhumila faces two more break-ups and her father (Mime Gopi) approaches Ezhil’s parents to make the two enter wedlock. Now Ezhil is caught between Madhumila and Abinaya.


In his first film itself, Ezhil Durai has taken to the twin tasks of direction and lead role. He has tried his best to strike a fine balance between the two crucial jobs.

Madhumila, who is popular in television, has come out with a bold performance. Abinaya shines as usual by showing right emotions. Mime Gopi and others are adequate.

Music composer Rajbharath has done a good job, while Lawrence Kishore’s cinematography is trendy. On the whole, the film’s team led by Ezhil Durai has succeeded in its attempts in showcasing modern day love on screen.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Director: Ezhil Durai
Music: F. Raj Bharath
Cast: Ezhil durai, Madhumila, Abhinaya, Kayal vincent, Raghav umasreenivasan, Vanitha, Madras rama, Divya, Ajai rathnam, Mime gopi, Arjunan, Mahanadhi sankar, Velan, Sammy, Pooja, Monisha, Mak mani, Gowtham
Pro: B.Yuvraaj