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Semma – Tamil Movie Review by ChennaiVision


Kuzhandhaivelu aka Kuzhandhai (G V Prakash Kumar), a vegetable vendor in a village in Trichy, leads a happy life with his mother (Sujatha) and close friend (Yogi Babu).

After an astrologer predicts that time has come for Kuzhandhai to get married and the marriage should happen within three months, his mother starts hunting for a bride.

In the meantime, Kuzhandhai falls for Magizhini (Arthana) and she accepts his proposal after rejecting it for a couple of times. Both families give nod to the wedding.

However, as the marriage date nears, Magizhini’s father (Mansoor Ali Khan) stands against the wedding, as he gets a tempting proposal from a local politician.

The deal is that the politico would settle all the debts of Magizhini’s father if the latter comes forward to give his daughter to the legislator’s son.

Coming to know about her father’s plans, Kuzhandhai marries Magizhini in a secret manner. But their mothers know about this as they support the affair. In the meantime, Magizhini gets pregnant.


G V Prakash has played a rural youngster apparently for the first time and has tried to give his best. Arthana is adequate for her role and she reminds us of Sri Divya. Kovai Sarala, Sujatha, Yogi Babu and Mansoor Ali Khan have played their respective parts well.

G V Prakash has scored big in music and songs are interesting. In a tried and tested plot, director Valliganthan Karunanithi has tried to infuse some novelty.

Produced by director Pandiraj, Semma, which runs for a little more than two hours, is a rural masala entertainer that follows a template and tries to entertain the audience.

Sema: Regular Ride
Rating: 2.5 out of 5