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Sema Botha Aagathey Movie Review

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Ramesh (Atharvaa) involves in binge drinking in a bid to forget his girlfriend Madhu (Mishti Chakraborti), who has almost broken up with him.

To add more to his solace, his friend Nandhu (Karunakaran) suggests that Ramesh invites a call girl to his home. Though Ramesh ropes in Neena (Anaika Soti), he has cold feet.

However, without giving him time to reconsider his decision, Neena reaches his apartment. Suddenly, Ramesh has to admit his neighbour’s father to a hospital.

Hence, he leaves Neena at home and rushes to attend the emergency. But when he comes back, he is shocked to the core to find that Neena is murdered. Now he has to track down the person who could have murdered her.


Director Badi Venkatesh has taken a serious subject and attempted to present it in a lighter manner, in which he has succeeded in most parts. There are good number of scenes that tickle our funny bone.

Especially, the scenes where his neighbours want to use Atharvaa’s kitchen are a funny ride. Atharvaa has come up with a rocking performance. Equally good is Karunakaran.

While Mishti Chakraborti has got nothing much to do, Anaika Soti fills the glamour quotient. The twists behind her murder unfold in an interesting manner.

Badri Venkatesh impresses us with narration, and he is aptly aided by Gopi Amarnath (cinematography), Yuvan Shankar Raja (music) and KL Praveen (editing). Despite there being some flaws, we are not bothered about them much, as the film keeps us entertained.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Sema Botha Aagathey: Bijili Ramesh

Director: Badri Venkatesh

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Produced by: Atharvaa