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Seemathurai Tamil Movie Review


Marudhu (Geethan Britto) is a happy go lucky youngster in a village. His main jobs are to roam around with his friends (Mahendran and Vincent) and to unite lovers who face opposition from their families.

One day, Marudhu comes across Poorni (Varsha Bollamma), a first year college student, and falls for her. He stalks her to make her reciprocate and this creates troubles in her family.

Poorni’s maternal uncle (Kasirajan) is the pillar of support to her father. He wants to marry Poorni but her dad turns down his request. Following this, enmity forms between Poorni’s father and uncle.

In the meantime, Poorni falls in love with Geethan. Are they able to unite in life? Did they overcome all the hurdles? Seemaithurai presents you answers to these questions.


Apparently inspired by Kalavani, Seemathurai directed by Santhosh Thiyagarajan is a lively rural tale that explores human relationships in villages in an interesting manner.

Geethan Britto reminds us of Sivakarthikeyan and he can win many hearts if he chooses his scripts right and improves his performance. Varsha, who is already popular in these parts thanks to 96 and other movies, impresses with her looks and performance.

Music by Jose Franklin and cinematography by Thirugnanasambandham add value to the movie. The director, who has focussed on characters, could have added more pace to the script.

Santhosh has also highlighted the impacts of stalking, especially in the family of girl. With interesting scenes in parts, Seemathurai is for those who love rural tales.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

Seemathurai: Village Vintage

Director: Santhosh Thiyagarajan

Producer: Buvan Media Works

Music Director: Josefranklin

Cast: Geethan Britto, Varsha Bollamma, Viji Chandrasekhar