Tamil Movie Review

Savarakathi Tamil Movie Review

Savarakathi Tamil Movie Review


Manga (Mysskin) comes out on jail on one-day parole. A clash happens between him and Pitchaimurthy (Ram), a barber who leads a simple life with his wife Subathra (Poorna).

Pitchaimurthy and Subathra are already parents to two kids and they are expecting their third child. As the barber ends up in a fight with the psychotic rowdy, the latter vows to chop off his hand.

Though Pitchai manages to flee from the clutches of Manga, he gets caught at one point of time. Despite he explaining his position and the truth to Manga, he is not ready to listen.

The rest is all about what happens between the two characters and who wins the game.


Mysskin and Ram, both acclaimed directors, have proved that they are talented actors too. Both have come up with riveting performance which arrests the audience in their seats.

Equally good is Poorna, who has delivered a solid performance in a strong role. Each and every member of the cast has given their best to the movie.

Mysskin, who has penned the script too besides playing the antagonist, wins accolades as writer too. His smart wits and sharp twists are a treat to watch.

Karthik Venkatram’s camera captures the mood of each character well, while Arrol Corelli’s catchy sound track is a major highlight of Savarakathi,

Director G R Adithya, the brother of Mysskin, has left a strong stamp in his debut movie itself. Though there are some loopholes here and there, Savarakathi is sharp and shines bright.

Release Date: 9 February 2018

Duration: 1h 54m

Knife full of life

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Pro: John Johnson