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Sathuran Tamil Movie Review

Gripping & Good

Sathuran Tamil Movie Review


Dheena (Rajaj) heads Baasha autorickshaw stand and he is a do-gooder. He spends all his time with an autorickshaw driver Kumar (Kali Venkat). In the meantime, he also comes across a beautician Janani (Varsha) and falls for her.

A police inspector in the locality is corrupt and Dheena once crosses sword with him. On an unfortunate night, a series of murders takes place and Kumar too is one among the victims.

As the blames falls on Dheena, the police starts a hunt for him and he goes into hiding. In the meantime, he also learns that his lover too is facing danger. The rest is whether Dheena is able to save himself and his lover from an evil design.


Director Rajeev Prasad, a former associate of Suresh Krishna, has got things right in Sathuran, a fiilm which is impressive and strikes a chord with the audience right from the first frame itself.

The film is a gripping crime thriller with all ingredients mixed in a right manner. A solid script is backed by strong performance by actors and a good technical team, and everything has been ably managed by the director.

Producer Kuberan Ponnusamy should be lauded for bankrolling a novel theme, thus lending a hand to a set of promising youngsters- both in the cast and the crew.

Rajaj of Moodarkoodam is good and he passes tension to the audience with his performance. Kali Venkat, Varsha, Bawa Lakshmanan, Athik Ahmed, Thamizh Kayal and Devaraj among others are there and they are adequate.

Music is by Rishal Sai and his BGMs are good. The cinematography by Monik Kumar captures Chennai’s night life well. All the events unfold in one single night and that add to the pace of the movie.

All said, Sathuran is a fast-paced thriller and it may be the right dose of entertainment for you and your family this weekend.

Verdict: Good

Director: K.Rajiv Prasad
Music: Rishal Sai
Cast: Rajaj, Varsha Malettiriya, Kali Venkat, Pavalatcumanan, Atiq Ahmed
Pro: Mounam Ravi