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Sarpatta Parambarai movie review


Set in the backdrop of the 70s, the culture of boxing is quite prevalent in the Madras region. A boxing clan named ‘Sarpatta’ is in search of the right boxer who will help them in regaining their lost glory. The gang’s head Rangan (Pasupathi) who is a former boxer himself takes up with the challenge of opposition gang member Vembuli (John Kokken). Kabilan (Arya) who admires Rangan takes up the challenge on himself. He gets ready to fight Vetapuli. Preparations begin for this boxing match on a grand note and what happens in the game and how their lives change after this bout forms the rest of the story.


Pa. Ranjith dived straight into the story and established the villain’s character thereby introducing us to what the hero is going to face. Hero is introduced as a regular guy and people get curious to know how he becomes a boxer and defeats the villain. The emotional thread between hero and his mother who lost her husband due to boxing is very well written. Apart from the boxing drama, political issues like Emergency period in seventies were discussed. Arya should be commended for learning boxing, getting the mannerisms spot on, attaining the perfect athlete look and bring out a stellar performance on top of everything. He did a perfect job and tried to elevate the proceedings to the best of his capabilities. After him, Pasupathi impresses with his matured acting. Heroine Dushara suited the role perfectly and John Kokken who played the main villain’s role was spot on. Music by Santosh Narayanan is terrific and his signature background scores helped the film a lot.

Rating 3.5/5