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Sanguchakkaram Tanil Movie Review


A bunch of kids gets kidnapped and they are taken to a haunted palace. The place is in the control of two ghosts—Angayarkanni (Geetha) and her daughter Malar (Baby Monicka).

Even as the children and kidnappers are trapped in the palace, a real estate agent plans to sell off the huge property.

He sends a ‘poosari’ and a magician to the palace to drive away the ghosts. The rest is all about how the children and ghosts help each other and come up trumps after facing challenges in an interesting manner.


Director Maarison, true to his name, has presented a magical story. This is for the first time a kids-friendly horror comedy has apparently been made in Kollywood.

It has been ensured that there are no terrorising flashbacks and gory scenes, in order to make the movie click with the children. And it has worked to a great extent.

All the child artistes have performed very well. Geetha, Monicka. Dilip Subbarayan, Raja, Jeremy Roskie are adequate. There are moral stories in between that would work well with the children as well as parents.

Though the first half follows the template, things gain momentum in the post-interval session. Some of the messages the film conveys include the pressure put on kids by parents, casteism and betrayal etc.

Technically, the film is average, but the dialogues and funny scenes make it interesting. While kids will sure find the movie impressive, some adults may find it silly. But if you take your children along to watch this flick, you won’t get disappointed.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5