Tamil Movie Review

Sagaa Tamil Movie Review

Sagaa Tamil Movie Review

Prison pals


A group of boys are lodged in a juvenile jail for the various crimes they had committed. They want to escape from the prison and are also successful in it.

The difficulties they faced inside the jail and how their life changes when they are out of prison, the problems posed at them by warden Sai Dheena and Prithvi Pandiarajan, love affairs and other things form the crux of the movie.


Sagaa, directed by Murugesh, has a very good plot. The filmmaker has conceived a potential idea which has all the qualities to be converted into a full-fledged feature film.

Saran, Prithvi, Kishore, Sree Ram and Pandi, who have played the lead roles, have done nice job. Prithvi Pandiarajan, son of veteran actor-filmmaker Pandiarajan, has played a negative role and has delivered goods.

Sai Dheena, who is lately carving a niche for himself in negative roles, presents a solid show in Sagaa too. Niran Chander’s cinematography is of top notch and is one of the big plus points of the flick.

Music by Shabir is another advantage of Sagaa, especially the song Yaayum. Despite conceiving a good knot, the director is not fully able to present it on screen due to some weak writing. But still, Sagaa is sharp at places.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5