Tamil Movie Review

Rubaai Tamil Movie Review

Bharani (Chandran) and Babu (debutant) Kishore run a load van to make ends meet in their lives.
Kunguma Raja (Chinni Jayanth) is shifting his home and seeks the help of the duo. Bharani falls in love with Raja’s daughter (Anandhi), and she, too, starts reciprocating during the course of their journey to the new home.
In the meantime, Mani Sharma (Harish Uttaman) robs a bank and at a police check post, loads his bag full of money into the truck of Bharani and Babu.
Kunguma Raja suffers a heart attack when they discover the loot and thereafter the four start using the money. Soon, the psychotic robber is hot on their heels. What happens next forms the rest of ‘Rubaai’.
After the message-tellling ‘Saattai’, director Arivazhagan has come up with a thriller (which too serves the message dose) in Rubaai, produced by Prabhu Solomon.
Kayal Chandran probably accepted the role because it is the production of his mentor Prabhu Solomon, He has tried to give his best. Debutant Kishore is good, while Anandhi delivers a strong performance yet again.
Chinni Jayanthi is back after a break, this time as a character artiste. Harish Uthaman is menacing, while R N R Manohar and Marimuthu are appear as police personnel.
Rubaai has an interesting plot, with a few engaging scenes. But the interchanging romantic and thrilling scenes do not work always.  D Imman’s background score does help a lot. Cinematographer V Ilayaraja has done an excellent job of keeping the lighting.
Greed for money makes or breaks a man’s life. This is the message the film tires to convey. Anbhazhagan has tried not to be preachy but fallen for it at many places. The forced tragic climax could have been avoided.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5