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Ratsasan Tamil Movie Review

Ratsasan Tamil Movie Review


Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker. He has a murder mystery script in his hand and approaches producers to make it as a film. But he faces rejection at all places.

Arun’s family situation forces him to drop chasing his dream and to become a police officer, as his late father was a cop and his uncle (Ramadoss) too works in the police department.

As soon as he joins the department, Arun comes across the murder of a school girl. Even as he starts following the case, more murders happen and Arun realises a psychol killer is on prowl.

Though his egoistic superior (Suzane George) discourages him, Arun investigates the murder based on the inputs he had collected for the script. Soon, a murder happens close to him and things get personal between the killer and Arun.

Who is the murderer? What is the motive behind? Is Arun able to catch the killer or not? Ratsasan, directed by Ram Kumar starring Vishnu Vishal in the lead has all the answers.


Ratsasan is the superbly written and made thriller in the recent times, as the film treats the viewer with all seriousness and doesn’t take his/her intelligence for granted.

Director Ram Kumar has perhaps narrated his own struggle to get an opportunity to direct this script (Ratsasan) and comes up trumps. He is ably supported by Vishnu Vishal, who gives nothing but his best for each and every scene.

Both Vishnu Vishal and Ram Kumar have come a long way since their Mundasupatti days and their improvement is visible on the screen. Amala Paul doesn’t have much say in the script but justifies her role.

The supporting actors have done their respective roles well, while Ghibran’s music literally sends the chill down the spine in many a scene. Tight editing by San Lokesh and gripping visuals by P V Sankar are other highlights.

Though the second half falls to an extent and is not as gripping as the first half, Ratsasan is a great thriller which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats in most scenes.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Ratsasan: Devil is in the detail

Director:  Ramkumar

Producer:  G. Dilli Babu R. Sridhar

Music Director:  Ghibran

Cast: VishnuVishal  Amala Paul  Ratha Ravi  Nizhagal Ravi