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Rajavukku Check Movie Review

Rajavukku Check : Game of emotions

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Cheran plays a police officer who is separated from wife and daughter. He suffers from a rare condition called Kleine-Levin syndrome.

It is sort of the opposite of insomnia. As an investigating officer in the CB-CID, he battles this health issue in addition to the challenges of solving cases.

As part of his work, he arrests four youngsters who hail from rich background, for kidnapping a girl. Due to the deft handling of the case by Cheran, they get one year jail.

After coming out from prison, they kidnap Cheran’s daughter on her birthday. The rest is all about whether the police officer is able to rescue his daughter by fighting his health issues.


Cheran makes a strong comeback as actor with Rajavukku Check, directed by Sai Rajkumar, best known for making Mazhai (2005) and Hello Premistara (2007).

The way he portrays his character deserves mention. Sarayu Mohan and Nandana Varma, who play Cheran’s wife and daughter, respectively, have limited footage but have played their parts wonderfully.

Pattalam-fame Irfan plays a negative character for the first time. Shrushti Dange’s performance is another highlight of the movie.

Music composed by Vinod Yajamaanyaa and cinematography by M S Prabhu elevate the mood of the film and convey the message aptly. With a strong second half and sensible presentation, director Sai Rajkumar has filled his long gap in the industry.