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Raja Ranguski Tamil Movie Review

Raja Ranguski Tamil Movie Review


Raja (Shirish of Metro fame) is a police constable. He falls in love with Ranguski (Chandini Tamilarasan) and also emerges successful in making her reciprocate.’

The cop gets the biggest ever shock of his life when he get a mysterious phone call. The caller mimicks Raja’s voice and tells him that he would murder Ranguski.

With the caller challenging Raja to save his lover, the constable goes to the residential colony where Ranguski lives, in a bid to protect her.

There, Maria Paulraj (Anupama), an antique collector and a neighbour of Ranguski, gets murdered and the blame falls on Raja. A tough cop KK (Jayakumar) is in charge of investigation.

Who has really murdered Maria? Is Raja, the prime suspect, able to prove that he is not guilty? Is he able to unite with his lover? Answers to this questions will be told by Raja Ranguski.


Director Dharanidharan seems to be a big fan of late writer Sujatha. There are lot of references to the veteran throughout the film, including the title (Ranguski is a pen-name of Sujatha and also name of a character in one of his works).

The story starts unfolding in an interesting way, ably backed by Yuva’s interesting visuals and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s impressive musical score.

But things lose fizz as they progress and all the knots are easily untied, that too very soon. As a result, our initial interest on the film gets diluted.

Shirish has improved his acting skills, but there is still way to go. Chandini has great potential and filmmakers should use her well.

Dharanidharan has conceived a Sujathaisque storyline but has lot the path in the middle. But he has connected all the dots well towards the climax.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Raja Ranguski: Bite, bait

Director:  Dharani Dharan

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja