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Raja Manthiri Tamil Movie Review

Raja Manthiri Tamil Movie Review

Rural Rulers

Raja Manthiri Tamil Movie Review


Surya (Kaali Venkat), a timid man, takes care of the family’s goli soda business. He is deeply worried that his marriage is getting postponed due to many factors.

His younger brother Karthi (Kalaiarasan) is active and aggressive. He has completed schooling and is waiting to join college. When a young girl (Vaishali) moves to their opposite house, Surya develops a liking for her.

But posing hurdles to him is Karthi. Hence, Surya hatches a plan and sends Karthi to city for higher education. There, Karthi falls for his classmate (Shalini).

In the meantime, their parents pick a bride for Karthi and it is none other than Shalini. The rest is all about how the brothers find a solution to the crucial problem of their lives.


Watching Raja Manthiri is like going back to the 1980s, as it brings us back the memories of Aan Paavam and Chinna Thambi. Helmed by woman director Usha Krishnan, the family entertainer set in rural backdrop deserves praise for it is clean and engaging.

Without double meaning dialogues and vulgar scenes, Raja Manthiri  rises to the occasion. Both Kali Venkat and Kalaiarasan ensure that their performance tickles our funny bone. Newcomers Shalini and Vaishali have done justice to their respective roles.

On the flipside, the film is not sound technically, despite P G Muthaiah’s cinematography and Justin Prabhakaran’s music adding pep to proceedings. Also, certains scenes could have been made better. But there is no denying that Raja Manthiri is a decent entertainer.

Verdict: Average