Tamil Movie Review

Puli Murugan Tamil Movie Review

Puli Murugan Tamil Movie Review


Murugan (Mohanlal) is the brave son of a locality called Puliyoor, where tigers create havoc to the lives of those residing there.

Whenever a stray tiger wanders into human habitats and starts killing people, the village turns to Murugan. He is a pro in searching, finding and hunting down a tiger.

And he has a reason to do so. Murugan’s father got mauled by a tiger in front of his eyes when he was a boy. Later, with the help of his uncle, he kills the man-eating tiger that took his father’s life and continues to do so as a service to his village.

Murugan is a loving husband to his wife Myna (Kamalinee Mukherjee) and a doting dad. At one point of time, an errand for his family takes him beyond the forest, leaving his village vulnerable to man-eaters and him fending off unfamiliar foes. He also understands that the humans outside the woods are more dangerous than the wild animals within.


Mohanlal is hailed in Mollywood as ‘the complete actor’ and you will understand the reason while watching Puli Murugan, the dubbed version of his Malayalam hit of the same name.

While actors of his age are struggling to find the right script and give a hit film, Mohanlal give the young actors a run for their money with his performance and stunts in Puli Murugan.

The film has enough charismatic scenes and Mohanlal’s performance is top notch. Kamalinee Mukherjee as Pulimurugan’s wife Myna and Jagapati Babu do justice to their characters.

The action department deserves applause for making the scenes believable and stylish. Directed by Vysakh, Puli Murugan wins with the hard work that has gone into its making. It’s the kind of masala that is enjoyable and then there is Mohanlal in terrific form.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5