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Pugazh Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Pugazh Tamil Movie Review

Ground reality

Pugazh Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


Pugazh (Jai) is an agile and able youngster in a small town. He roams around with his bunch of friends, and he has a caring elder brother (Karunas). In the town, there is a ground which is not just its symbol but also sentiment.

For decades, if not centuries, the ground is an icon of the town and it has groomed many youngsters into players. But the local civic leader Das (Marimuthu) hatches a plot to usurp the ground for a minister and an Andhra Pradesh based businessman.

Pugazh rises revolt against Das and the rest is all about how he goes about achieving his mission. There are some twists and turns, and also romance in the form of Bhuvaneswari (Surabhi).


If you forget the fact that director Manimaran of ‘Udhayam NH4’ has helmed ‘Pugazh’, you can find the film engaging and entertaining. Otherwise, it is an average second venture for a filmmaker who gave us a quality debut flick.

Jai needs to improve a lot on expressions, but he tries to give his best. Surabhi doesn’t have much say in the script, while Karunas gets a meaty role and plays it with elan. Director Marimuthu passes muster as actor.

Vivek-Mervin’s music is okay, and other technical wings are also functional just about delivering what is needed for the film. Had the director focused on an enngaging screenplay and avoided hero-worship elements, Pugazh could have been a classic.

Verdict: Average

Director: Manimaran
Music: Vivek-Mervin
Cast: Jai, Surabhi, Karunas, RJ Balaji, Rajani, Velraj
Pro: Suresh Chandra