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Podhu Nalan Karudhi Tamil Movie Review

Public Interest


There are a bunch of loan sharks in Chennai and a ego clash erupts between them, since they want to prove their might. In the war between them, the lives of ordinary people too get affected.

Who are the loan sharks? Why there is a fight between them? How innocent people get affected because of them? Is there any solution at sight? Podhu Nalan Karudhi attempts to find answers to all these questions.


Director Zion has come up with a movie with a message. While delivering the intended message to the society, he has also not missed on the entertainment quotient.

Yog Japee plays the role of Chennai’s most crooked loan shark to perfection. Karunakaran, who plays a middle-class man who is in search of his missing brother, shows right emotions.

Karunakaran proves that he is not just a comedian, but a good character artiste too. Santhosh plays a dreaded gangster who is ready to do anything for his boss.

There are female leads in the form of Anu Sithara and Subiksha, but both of them have nothing much to do except playing the girlfriends of male leads. Adhith Arun and Imman Annachi are also there.

Though some over-the-top scenes make the movie insipid, the director deserves applause for showing the raw face of private lenders in the city.

Rating: 2 out of 5