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Pichaikkaran Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision

Pichaikkaran Tamil Movie Review

Man with a mask

Pichaikkaran Tamil Movie Review by Chennaivision


Arul (Vijay Antony) is a rich man. He has only one worry in life- his mother is bed-ridden. One day, he meets a saint who asks him to lead a beggar’s life for 48 days to cure his mother.

Arul decides to go ahead for the sake of his mom and slowly adapts to the new environment. How his life changes and whether his sacrifice cured his ailing mother or not forms the crux.


Vijay Antony knows the knack of picking interesting scripts that would fit him well and Pichaikkaran is one more to the list. In the company of director Sasi, the music composer-actor-producer scores big in Pichaikkaran too.

There are many cliched scenes in the flick, but we are not much bothered about it, as an engaging screenplay does the magic. Vijay Antony has done a neat job both as a rich man and a beggar.

Debutant Satna Titus looks beautiful and emotes too. Bhagavathy Perumal and Muthuraman among others lend support to the film with their performance. Vijay Antony’s music is good, especially the song Nenjorathil.

Prasanna Kumar’s cinematography and Veera Senthil Raj’s editing and colourful and sharp, respectively. The second half is slightly slow when compared to the first half. To sum it up, Pichaikkaran is cliched, but well packaged.

Verdict: Above Average

Director: Sasi
Music: Vijay Antony
Cast: Vijay Antony, Satna Titus, Bagavathi Perumal, Muthuraman, Dheepa Ramanujam
Pro: Suresh Chandra