Tamil Movie Review

Petromax Movie Review

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Petromax : Ghost light


An NRI (Prem) returns to India from Malaysia after he comes to know that his parents have passed away. His family has a house in their native and he plans it to sell it.

As he is in urgent need to sell the property off since he needs to return to Malaysia within a week, some prospective people show interest to acquire the house.

However, all of them back after they receive an information that the house is posessed by spirits. Following this, the NRI ropes in four different persons who are in dire need for money and asks them to stay in the building for a few days.

While he believes this will prove to the outside world that the house is safe to live, it leads to a fresh set of problems.


Starring Tamannah in the lead, Petromax directed by Rohin Venkatesan is yet another addition to the long list of horror comedies delivered by Kollywood in the recent years.

Tamannah adds value to the movie with her presence and performance, while the comedy quartet of Munishkanth, Sathyan, Kaali Venkat and TSK tickle our funny bones well. Yogi Babu is another attraction.

The film starts on a promising note, but starts losing the fizzle as things progress. However, it attracts back the attention of the audience in the second half thanks to funny scenes.

Though the plot is wafer-thin, the director manages to pull things off with certain value additions. But ineffective emotional scenes and falters in execution mar the flow. However, the movie is save due to humour.