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Peranbu Tamil Movie Review

Peranbu – Loads of love


Amudhavan (Mammootty) returns from abroad to take care of his daughter Paapa (Sadhana), a girl affected by cerebral palsy. He does this since his wife had eloped with another man.

He prefers to lead a lonely life and goes to a hillside property along with Paapa. He finds it difficult to manage Paapa alone, and, at this point of time, gets cheated by another woman (Anjali).

Following this, he is forced to leave the scenic place and comes to the city, where he searches for job. Things only get difficult for him since he had to address puberty and sexual related issues of his daugther.

It is at this point of time a transwoman (Anjali Ameer) enters their lives and makes them meaningful and beautiful. What happens at the end, are nature and love solution to all problems is the message the film intends to convey.


Specialist in dad-daughter theme thanks to Thanga Meenkal, director Ram is back with Peranbu. With this film, he goes many steps deep into the bonding shared by a man and his daughter.

Though the film is touching in many places, we can’t avoid getting the feeling that the director has imagined some extreme things and forced them on the audience.

The story is narrated as chapters and Mammootty is solid as Amudhavan, a man who cares for his daughter to the core but is cheated and insulted by the society in all possible means. Anjali’s is a delicate character and she plays it beautifully.

Anjali Ameeer increases our admiration towards transgender community with her performance, while the likes of Livingston, Vadivukkarasi, Samuthirakani and Pavel Navageethan add value to the script.

But, the one who delivers a hard-hitting performance is Sadhana. At such a young age, she has shouldered a huge responsibility and has done it with aplomb.

Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematographer Theni Eswar always give their best to Ram’s movies and Peranbu is no exception. Despite sounding like a docu-drama, things moving in a slow pace and certain ideas looking extreme, Peranbu will sure bring honours to Tamil cinema.

Rating: 4 out of 5