Tamil Movie Review

Pei Mama movie review


Yogi Babu and his family are mistook as ghost busters and are hired by a group of people to chases aways ghosts from a bungalow.

The family enters the bungalow and are initially scared by the ghosts.

Later they get to know about their flashback and decide to help them to avenge those responsible for their death.


Yogi Babu shines in the character and plays his part well. The body shaming dialogues could have been avoided.

Rest of the cast including Mottai Rajendran and Rekha could have been utilised better.

Director Shakthi Chidambaram who is known for his comedy movies has tried his luck in the horror-comedy genre.

The screenplay and writing could have been a little better.

Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are good.

Rating: 3/5