Tamil Movie Review

Peechankai Tamil Movie Review

Smuthu (Karthiik) is a carefree pickpocket expert and life goes good for him, until he meets with an accident. After the mishap, he loses control over his left hand.
He is diagnosed with a rare disease called alien hand syndrome, which means that his left hand would not be under his control.
This syndrome creates a lot of problems in his life and is he able to come out of them? This is what Peechankai directed by debutant Ashok is all about.
It’s a good show by Ashok in his maiden film itself. In Peechankai, promoted as ‘India’s first alien hand syndrome film’, the director impresses us in the company of Karthik and other members of the team.
Kudos to Karthik for delivering such a commendable performance in his first flick itself. He is so effortless doing a very difficult role and acting comes naturally to him.
Though Anjali Rao looks good and performs well, her role is regular. Supporting actors like Gaja, Maari, Gireesh, Nalla Thambi, and others have done their respective roles well.
Though the budget is limited, technical departments have tried their best. The director, who has focused a lot on writing, could have infused more pace too. Though the packaging is not that impressive, Peechankai may not disappoint you.
Rating: 3 out of 5