Tamil Movie Review

Pattas Movie Review

Score: 3 out of 5

Pattas : Commercial cracker


Sakthi aka Pattas (Dhanush) is a small time thief and a happy go lucky youngster. He falls for Sadhana (Mehreen Pirzada), a chirpy girl in the neighbourhood.

She makes him steal from a martial arts academy run by Nilan (Naveen Chandra). Meanwhile, Sakthi meets his mother Kanyakumari (Sneha), who was in jail for almost two decades.

From her, he comes to know that his father is Thiraviyam Perumal (Dhanush again), who is an expert in Adimurai, an ancient martial art practised by Tamils.

He dies after he was cheated by Nilan. Now Kanyakumari wants Sakthi to avenge the death of his father and to restore the lost glory of Adimurai.


After Kodi, director R S Durai Senthilkumar and Dhanush have come together once again for Pattas. Like Kodi, Pattas too features Dhanush in a dual role. While the former had the actor playing twin brothers, the latter features him as father and son.

Dhanush is cool as Sakthi and powerful as Thiraviyam Perumal. He shows great contrast between the two roles. After Dhanush, it is Sneha who steals the show. She emotes well and shines in stunt scenes too.

Mehreen Pirzada is regular heroine who has got nothing much to do in a commercial mass masala movie. Naveen Chandra is another disappointment as his character is cliched and predictable. Nasser is there in flashback scenes.

Vivek-Mervin’s musical score is one of the biggest highlights of the movie. Durai Senthilkumar could have focused on bringing novelty to the screenplay, as many scenes are cliched. With a run time of a little more than two hours acting as saving grace, Pattas entertains in parts.