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Parris Jayaraj Movie Review


Parris Jayaraj (Santhanam) is a popular Gaana singer on YouTube, his dad Prakash Raj (Prudhvi Raj) is a lawyer who is well-known for his divorce cases and also separate lovers for a hefty fee.

Unfortunately, Parris Jayaraj’s first love gone kaput because of Prakash Raj as a part of his professional service but without knowing that it’s his son’s love.

After his first love failure, Parris Jayaraj falls in love with Divya (Anaika Soti). But there is a twist in the tale, What is it and what happens next is what Parris Jayaraj is all about.


Director Johnson takes some time to establish the plot, and some of the comedy scenes turn out to be ineffective in the first half, despite Santhanam going full-throttle.

Though the first half tests the patience of the audience, the second half makes up for it. Santhanam looks handsome and as usual, scores in the comedy sequences. Though Anaika Soti’s performance looks neat, some work could have gone into her characterisation.

Prudhvi Raj is one of the major strengths of the movie. Santhosh Narayanan’s songs and background score suit the comedy genre. Overall, Parris Jayaraj has its moments and has a story that keeps your fairly engaging.

Parris Jayaraj: Same tune, but still works 
Rating: 3 out of 5