Tamil Movie Review

Pandigai Tamil Movie Review


Velu (Kreshna) is an intern in a star hotel. He is good at fighting and right from his young days, he had to fight with others to protect himself.

Meanwhile there is Muni (Saravanan), who is addicted to gambling. As he loses all his assets, his wife leaves him. The only aim of Muni is to earn back all the money he lost.

A fighting competition is run by Natwar Dada (Madhusudhanan) and Muni, who is impressed after watching Velu’s fight, wants him to take part in it. Velu too accepts the offer, as he is in need of money.

But as the match progresses, Velu fails to pay heed to Muni’s instructions, and makes him lose again. Now starts a cat and mouse game between Velu, Muni and Natwar Dada.


Kreshna, we can say, has graduated into an action hero. He is right there delivering solid performance. Ananthi has nothing much to perform as she plays a regular heroine.

Saravanan has got a meaty role after Paruthiveeran. Nithin Sathya as Munthiri Settu, a close associate of the gambling kingpin, excels. Madhusudhanan is right pick for his role.

R K Vikram’s background score is one of the highlights of the movie. Another plus is fights by Anbu Arivu duo. Aravind’s camera work and Prabhakar’s editing too are equally good.

Debutant director Feroz (husband of Vijayalakshmi of Chennai 600028 fame, who is the producer of the movie) has proved that he is a filmmaker with substance. He has done a lot of homework which is visible on screen.

To sum it up, Pandigai is a decent action thriller, but the director could have avoided violence.

Rating: 3 out of 5