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Pancharaaksharam Movie Review {Rating: 3/5}

Rating: 3 out of 5

Five in one


Dushyanth (Santosh Prathap) is a traveller, Sameera (Madhu Shalini) is a wannabe writer, Aidhan (Gokul) is a musician, Jeevika (Sana Althaf) is a do-gooder who is involved in philanthropic activities and Dharma (Ashwin Jeromoe) is a carefree youth who loves speed driving.

All the above meet in a party and get along well. As Dushyanth reveals them his next destination, they decide to join them. The five now start their journey.

They come across a mysterious book from the Chola era. They start a game by each of them reading out a random passage from the book. And, things written in the book happen to the respective characters.

What happens next? Are they able to escape from the challenges? What is the book all about? Is it a supernatural work or someone is operating from behind with the help of technology?


Debutant director Balaji Vairamuthu’s Pancharaaksharam is a decent thriller with fast-paced elements that make us glued to the seat from beginning till pre-climax.

All the five actors have come up with impressive performance, while cinematography by Yuva, and soothing songs and pulsating background score by KS Sundaramoorthy add immense value.

The movie moves on a brisk note till the climax, till an action episode disappoints us. Villain’s character and performance is another loophole in Pancharaaksharam.

A good attempt by a young team, Pancharaaksharam will not disappoint those who like supernatural thrillers. The director has given his best to make the movie an engaging watch.