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Palli Paruvathile Tamil Movie Review

Of love and life


Nandhan Ram is the son of K S Ravikumar, who works as headmaster in a school. The latter is a disciplinarian, while the former falls for Venba, who is the daughter of Ponvannan.

One day, Ponvannan comes to know about Nandhan’s intentions towards Venba. Since Ponvannan has respect towards Ravikumar, he advises Nandhan to stay out of his daughter.

But the words are of no use, as Nandhan goes ahead with his love affair. This leads to Ponvannan and his brother R K Suresh to convey the matter to Ravikumar’s family.

When the boy and the girl are enquired, the latter says that she is not at all in love with the former and only Nandhan is trying to woo her. This leads to the death of Ravikumar.

But even after the death of his father, Nandhan’s love for Venba doesn’t change. In the meantime, her parents arrange for her wedding. What happens next and whether Venba is really in love with Nandhan or not form the rest of Palli Paruvathiley.


Director Vasudev Baskar has made the movie with a purpose, for it conveys a message as to how school going teenagers should be. His intentions are good.

Nandhan has emoted well, while Venba has carried a strong role with ease. Ponvannan, K S Ravikumar, R K Suresh and Oorvasi, all veterans, have chipped in with their best.

Music by Vijay Narayanan is above average. Other technical departments are okay. Certain scenes are cliched and the director could have avoided it. To sum it up, Palli Paruvathiley is a movie with a message.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Pro: KSK Selva