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Pakkiri Movie Review


Rajakumaraguru Lakshmipathy aka Raja (Dhanush) is the only child to his mother. She raises him by doing all sort of jobs in the slums of Mumbai.

As Raja understands the poor economic background of his family after going to school, he decides to earn money. He starts steals money from innocent foreigners and members of the public with the help of magic.

One day, his mom passes away and Raja comes to know that his father lives in Paris. He vows to make his dad and mom (ashes) meet at the Eiffel Tower and leaves for Paris.

But circumstances force him to become a refugee and he happens to visit multiple places, including England, Italy, Spain and also an African refugee camp.

He also falls for Marie (Erin Moriarty), an American woman who is seeking that one thing that’s missing in her life. The rest is all about how Raja realises that there are more important things in life than money and how he passes the message to others.


Pakkiri, the Tamil-dubbed version of The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir, doesn’t feel like a movie dubbed from English at all, thanks to Dhanush and dialogues.

Dhanush, in association with creative consultant Varsha Bharath and dialogue writers Jayaram Sankaran and Vikrem Vybav, makes us believe that we are watching a Tamil film, despite the backdrops being Mumbai, Paris, England etc.

The movie is a fun-filled feel good drama and it also delivers a beautiful message. All actors, including Barkhad Abdi, Berenice Bejo and Erin Moriarty, have performed well.

A big highlight of the movie is Amit Trivedi’s buoyant score, which ensures that even the portions that lag the pep are lively. Cinematography and other departments too have helped well the director.

With all these plus points, director Ken Scott makes an ordinary script looks extraordinary and he has to mainly thank Dhanush for making things work to a great extent.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pakkiri: International Roaming