Tamil Movie Review

Pakka Tamil Movie Review

Nadhiya (Bindu Madhavi) tries to commit suicide on a railway track, as her love affair with Pandi (Vikram Prabhu) is opposed by her family and moreover, she is unable to find her missing lover.
As she is about to end her life, she is saved by Dhoni Kumar (Vikram Prabhu). Initially, Nadhiya thinks him as her lover, but realises that he is not Pandi.
On hearing her story (she is the daughter of a rich man and Pandi is a toy seller at temple festivals. Both fall in love and face strong protest from her dad, leading to their elopement), Dhoni Kumar vows to unite them.
In the meantime, Kumar, an ardent fan of Dhoni, has his own story and he is in love with Rajini Radha (Nikki Galrani), a fan of superstar Rajinikanth. Is he able to unite Nadhiya and Pandi, what happened to his life etc form the rest of Pakka.
Somehow we managed to present the story, for it is so hard to unite these pieces from a screenplay which is so disjointed and jarred.
To be honest, we have to say that S S Surya, the debutant director, has missed a golden opportunity in his hand by making such a tedious movie.
Though Vikram Prabhu tries his best, everything falls flat in the movie which makes audience to suffer. Bindu Madhavi’s lip sync is pathetic and ‘comedy’ by Suri and Sathish is another minus point.
The only relief is Nikki Galrani as her screen presence gives solace tous. It’s high time Vikram Prabhu maintains a stringent process while listening scripts and signing movies.
Rating: 2 out of 5

Pakka – Double trouble

Direction: S. S. Surya
Produced by: T.Sivakumar
Music: C. Sathya