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Padaiveeran Tamil Movie Review

Padaiveeran Tamil Movie Review

Solid Soldier


Muneeswaran (Vijay Yesudas) is a carefree youngster who roams around the village in the company of his friends. One day, he goes to the police station with an elderly woman.

There, he finds that cops are respected heavily by the public. He also understands that police job fetches free liquor, non-vegetarian food and unlimited power.

Following this, he decides to become a policeman. His uncle Krishnan (Bharathiraja), who is an ex-serviceman, helps him achieve his mission by bribing higher officials.

Thanks to this, Muneeswaran becomes police officer and gets posted in his own native. But now, the rural area is marred by caste violence and he finds that his own kin are involved in brutality in the name of caste.

Now Muneeswaran, who is a changed man, vows to teach a lesson to all those whose minds are filled with caste pride.


When compared to his debut acting venture Maari, singer Vijay Yesudas has delivered a commendable performance in Padai Veeran, directed by Dhana, a former associate of ace filmmaker Mani Ratnam.

Bharathiraja, the veteran director, adds value to his character and the film. On the technical side, cinematography, music, editing and other departments have helped well the director.

The lessons Dhana had learnt from his master are visible in some scenes, while certain other scenes lack the pep. But he should be appreciated for taking up a story that delivers a much needed message as his first film itself.

Padai Veeran, to sum it up, is a rural drama with some engaging, entertaining and educating moments. The climax is a shocker. Though certain scenes are predictable, the film delivers a message that is quite relevant and strong.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Pro: Nikhil Murugan