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Oviyavai Vitta Yaaru Movie Review


Seeni (Sanjeevi) is in love with his neighbour girl (Oviya). While his girlfriend and parents have big hopes on him, Seeni doesn’t want to settle in a regular job.

Rather, he dreams to become a businessman. He becomes friend with a fraudster (Radha Ravi) who promises to make Seeni a rich entrepreneur in a short span.

He triggers the passion of Seeni by inviting him to do businesses like star tortoise, Nagarathnam, Mannuli paambu and Sanjeevi kuchi etc.

In the process, top guns like District Collector (Arul Doss) and a Police officer (Ravi Maria) get cheated by the duo. In the meantime, a trader Saravanan falls in love with Seeni’s girlfriend.

While the District Collector and Police official try to catch Seenu and his partner, Saravanan wants to bump him off to join hands with Oviya. What happens next is the crux of Oviyavai Vitta Yaaru.


Directed by Rajadurai, Oviyavai Vitta Yaaru is a simple entertainer that doesn’t test the patience of the audience much.

Though there is nothing new, the director has managed to sustain the interest of the viewers. Sanjeevi is good at dance and fight sequences, while Oviya is the biggest saving grace of the movie.

Others in the cast are adequate. Srikanth Deva has come out with loud yet lovable music. E K Nagaraj’s cinematography is good. On the whole, if the intention of Oviyavai Vitta Yaaru is to present an average entertainer, the mission is achieved.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Oviyavai Vitta Yaaru: Neither Big Boss nor Kalavani

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