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Oru Kanavu Pola Tamil Movie Review

Oru Kanavu Pola Tamil Movie Review 2

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Ramakrishnan and Soundararajan are friends from childhood. While the former works as lorry driver, the latter, who does not have a family of his own and waits for a job, stays with his friend.

The bride hunt starts for Ramakrishnan and they go to see a girl (Amala Rose). Ramakrishnan likes her from the first sight itself. But her family is not interested in the alliance, as Ramakrishnan works as lorry driver.

However, Soundararajan convinces all, especially Amala Rose and ensures that his friends marry her. After wedding, Soundararajan and Amala Rose move to a new house, but Soundararajan makes sure that Ramakrishnan eats in his house.

On a rainy day, when Ramakrishnan was not at home, Soundararajan comes to his house to have food. In a weak moment, he touches Amala Rose, who is shocked to the core.

Realising his mistake, Soundararajan leaves the place and stops coming to Ramakrishnan’s house. Did Ramakrishnan come to know about the incident? What decision he takes since it involves his best friend and lifepartner?


Ramakrishnan has delivered a matured performance, while Soundararajan too fits well to his role. Amala Rose is beautiful and emotes well.

Songs by music composer Ram is average, but his background score is good. Cinematographer Alagappan has captured scenes in an aesthetic manner.

Director Vijay Sankar has taken an interesting knot and presented it in a touching manner. He has highlighted friendship in a moving way. He has also spoken about the relationship between husband and wife. But for some flaws, Oru Kanavu Pola is a decent watch.

Photo: 3 out of 5

Pro: Kumaresan