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Oru Kadhai Sollatuma Movie Review

Resul Pookutty Oru Kadhai Sollatuma Movie Stills HD

Resul Pookutty, the Oscar-winning sound designer from Kerala, offers a tribute to the Thrissur Pooram, the pooram of all the poorams of Malayalees through Oru Kadhai Sollatuma.

In this acting debut of him, Resul plays himself. The story is about his ambition to record the sounds of the pooram and the obstacles he faces to achieve his mission.

Though cinema medium is mainly about visuals, audio plays an important role and a film is incomplete without sounds. Resul Pookutty made many to understand this by winning Oscar for sound engineering.

Now, through this film, he further highlights the importance of sounds. He emotes in a decent manner, especially in the scenes when he faces insults from the project’s producer.

Director Prasad Prabhakar has brought out the best from Resul, both in terms of performance and sounds. The original songs of the movie are composed by Rahul Raj. The lyrics for the Tamil version are penned by Vairamuthu. Both have done neat job.

Despite sounding like a documentary in most parts, Oru Kadhai Sollatuma is a good attempt that highlights the importance of sounds.

Oru Kadhai Sollatuma – STORY OF SOUND

Rating: 3.5 out of 5