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Onbathula Irunthu Pathu Varai Tamil Movie Review

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Onbathula Irunthu Pathu Varai Tamil Movie Review


A call taxi driver (Kathir) falls for a radio jockey (Swapna Menon) impressed by her voice. One day, she travels in his cab and he chauffers her without knowing that it is she.

And when he comes to know that she is his crush, a shock awaits him. For, she informs him that she would soon enter wedlock with a software professional from the United States.

In the meantime, a series of murders takes place in the city and anti-socials get killed. Also, family members of the RJ, including her financee, are kidnapped. What is the connecting point between all these?


A road thriller, Onbadhula Irundhu Paththu Varai directed by Vijay Shanmugavel Ayyanar has got an interesting premise. It comes with decent production values, with Rajarathnam’s cinematography being a major plus.

Kathir does his job well, while Swapna Menon is justified. Others in the cast, including Saravana Subbaiah and Boys Shankar, are okay. The first half turns up impressive.

However, things lose steam in the second half. Logic goes missing in certain scenes and the script too lacks coherence. But still. Onbadhula Irundhu Paththu Varai, as a thriller, has enough moments to keep you occupied.

Verdict: Average